Larger Than Life

World-class photographer and gallery owner, David J. West, immediately recognizes the opportunity and acknowledges his own inner spirit of adventure and joins the expedition.

Steiger makes a test flight and rises to eye-level with West Temple to take a peek by launching downwind of the park with no intention of making the crossing on that day. Landing occurs downstream on the Gooseberry Mesa one hour later, as planned.

Flight 2 is an excuse to focus on Steiger’s second formation of interest, the Eagle Crags and launches from Rockville, over the Crags, Canaan Mountain, and the Vermillion Cliffs into Apple Valley.  On this flight the decision is made to bring in “The HMS Dauntless”, his affectionate name for his 10 passenger gondola to make room for additional fuel reserves, and a wider range of artists to help record the overwhelming majesty of expedition.  During this flight Steiger was so impressed as to realize that the project is far greater than the personal interests of a mere Modern Adventurer.

The scope has expanded to include a variety of artists, photographers, documentarians and journalists.  A coffee table book with a focus of attention on not only the vivid and unique photographic perspective but the behind-the-scenes adventure and technical challenges of obtaining those shots.

So moved was Steiger by his glimpse of the Angel’s View of Zion from his celestial vantage point that a conversion of sorts occurred in that moment.  A transformation, a realization….a revelation “from on-high”.

Included within the context of sharing the experience with the world through a collection of impressions and images by several artists, is the running theme learned as a Boy Scout of “Leave no trace”, which simply translates into a form of respect for the timeless beauty of this incredible place.  Sharing his experience with veteran Park Rangers who have dedicated their lives to preserving such places, Steiger determines to include a subtle yet clear message within the context of sharing this grand experience.

The Dauntless arrives and Flight 3 departs Kolob Reservoir landing Coral Pink Sand Dunes as planned in a 5 hour and 15 min. flight that makes history.

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