Steiger Opens the Expedition to Passengers and Artists

The Zion Expedition cannot be captured by camera nor by the cortex in one trip.

“The majesty is too great for one man, it must be shared to be interpreted.”

Having made his preliminary flights, Steiger now opens the gondola to selected artists, photographers, poets and journalists committed to conveying the immensity of their experience into their chosen formats for conveyance to the world.

Local passengers have begun to sign the ship’s manifest and join the expedition for the once-in-a-lifetime crossing.

2 thoughts on “Steiger Opens the Expedition to Passengers and Artists

  1. I’m afraid of heights and didn’t think I could go through with the ride! I’m so glad I did! It was a smooth, safe experience. The adventure is beyond description. I’m hooked. I wish I could go up every day.

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