5 Ways to “Fly”

On his third flight Steiger made the historic crossing November 16, 2011.

Steiger opens the gondola to Passengers and Artists for the remaining flights.

The invitation to fly is an invitation to join the Expedition in the truest sense of the word.  Passengers realize the high-adventure nature of such a bold crossing and must be willing to hike or helicopter out of a less than convenient landing scenario.  Although we do not launch unless we anticipate “smooth sailing”, part of the adventure of ballooning is that each flightpath is unique.

Passengers will be duly recorded in the Ship’s Manifest and become a part of the history documented in the coffee table book describing the expedition to the world.

As a special Thank You to the folks who have provided Steiger with such a warm reception:

Three flights are made available with a discount of $200 to the locals in appreciation for their many forms of support.

$575 to make the unprecedented Zion Crossing.

$275 to fly the southern route.  This is a Mountain Crossing with a fantastic view of Zion launching from Rockville, climbing to eye level with the West Temple, past the Eagle Crags, over Canaan Mountain and the Vermillion Cliffs landing in Apple Valley.

$100 for adults (normally $250) and .50 cents/lb. for children launching and landing in Apple Valley and Hildale/Colorado City.

Cash and Barter for provisions will be considered.

Purchase Flight Vouchers and provide contact information in the confirmation form and your pilot will contact you to schedule your flight.


Propose your combination of cash and barter offer by email to:


All contributions to the community or service to the park will be performed anonymously and all offers will be considered.

The forth option is to support the expedition from afar by making an advance purchase of the documentary style coffee table book.  You will be listed in the acknowledgments and receive a limited edition of the coffee table book signed by the pilot, photographers and artists.

Once Flight Vouchers are purchased your pilot will co-ordinate the next flight weather permitting.

The fifth option is a 2-Flight Incredible Adventures Package starting at $3800

Bon Voyage