Apple Valley Tour


Flights in Apple Valley for the “Entire Family”.

Steiger is a certified commercial balloon pilot and is the resident stunt pilot for “Incredible Adventures™” and the GoPro™ sponsored parachute flight team.

He specializes in High Adventure Balloon Mountain Crossings and is the first to fly across Zion National Park in a balloon.

He is here on a 10-flight expedition over Zion.

As a special “thank you” for your warm reception and hospitality he is offering a significant discounted rate for members of the community of his favorite landing area….the Apple Valley and Colorado City Area.

A 1-hour balloon tour (normally $250) launching and landing in the valley may include the option to fly over a selected landmark, or portion of the valley; weather permitting.

Passengers are invited to participate in the inflation and deflation process and while the flight is approx. 1 hour the entire experience is usually 3-4 hours.

Adults: $100 and children are .50 cents per lb.

Capacity is 2000 lbs.

Reserve the entire gondola or share the experience with others.

Affordable Tethered Rides like the one organized for the El Capitan School may also be arranged for local groups and private functions at locations of their choosing.

Purchase Flight Vouchers for Adults:

Purchase Flight Vouchers for Children 50 lb. increments for $25

Charter Entire Gondola (passengers not more than 2000 lbs.)

To Learn More:

Press Release

Pilot Statement

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3 thoughts on “Apple Valley Tour

    • Our Expedition continues through January so maybe you could “reschedule your birthday….or better yet, invite your friends to join you in your Pre-Birthday Celebration!”

      • Good news Tammy, the Expedition continues with passengers clamoring to fly the unprecedented flights. See you soon and Happy Birthday! You will never forget this one!

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