Invitation to Locals

Each Expedition includes an invitation to the local community members. Local community residents always have an important role in such events. From accommodating the launch areas to acting as ground crew and joining the expeditions.

Having been met with a warm reception by several local community members The “Balloon Over Zion Expedition” looks forward to sharing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

All are welcome to join in the experience.

An Invitation: “Balloon Over Zion Expedition”

On his third flight Steiger made the noteworthy “first balloon crossing” launching from Kolob Reservoir landing near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in a 5 hour and 15 min. crossing.  Landmarks observed from the indescribable vantage point of his gondola included lifetime memories of West Temple, both forks of the Virgin River and Parunuweap Canyons.

The expedition continues into 2012 and a limited number of spots are available for local passengers who appreciate that they are in fact joining a modern-day expedition and will be sharing in the honor of being among the first over Zion in a balloon.

Steiger is an FAA certified commercial balloon pilot and holds an Instructor rating.  He is the resident stunt pilot for “Incredible Adventures™” and the GoPro™ sponsored parachute flight team.

He specializes in High Adventure Balloon Mountain Crossings and he is here on a 10-flight expedition over Zion.

“In my role as the Resident Balloon Pilot and Expedition Leader for Incredible Adventures™ I am here in Zion exploring the possibility of offering that clientele a two-flight exploration package starting at $3800.”

Locals are invited to join the expedition with a discounted fare.

Zion Crossing: launching West and North of the park on the Kolob Terrace and flying over the park landing all points beyond: $775 per person. (locals $200 off)

A second flight path is available for $475 (locals $200 off) launching Rockville over the Eagle Crags and Canaan Mountain, passing over the Vermillion Cliffs and landing in Apple Valley affords outstanding views of West Temple and the park.  While this flight is a significant mountain crossing flight offering views over Zion the price is Steiger’s way of offering a more affordable option to the locals.

Combinations of Cash, PayPal, Barter and Service to the community or Park will be considered.  (An additional attempt to offer flexibility.)

Expedition Provisions include places to stay for short or long term, adventure services, photographic and artistic services and food tabs at the many fine eateries and as a practical example; the Balloon Chase Vehicle has a few rust spots in need of attention.

Sponsor another member of the community in exchange for a wide range of services to the benefactor or to the community at large.

“It is my intention to offer a local discount to the community and to accept payment in various forms and amounts so that in the end everyone benefits from the fleeting visit of the Balloon Over Zion and to include those who will appreciate the opportunity rather than limiting invitations as a matter of price.”

All offers will be kept confidential and contributions to the community by passengers will be performed anonymously.

Each interested prospective passenger is invited to submit their name to and propose his or her own price.

or Purchase Flight Vouchers here:

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