Open Call to Artists

Steiger is forming a collective effort of artists and poets to document the expedition in the various mediums for conveyance to the world.

Watercolor, acrylics, wood block carvings, plate etchings, etc.

in the modern, contemporary, southwest, and abstract disciplines.

Artists may barter a portion of their flight voucher price in exchange for their contribution to the expedition including the typical reproduction, publishing and copyrights for the proposed work for hire.

To Join the Expedition as a Contributing Artist:

Email ideas to:

4 thoughts on “Open Call to Artists

  1. Hello Steiger,
    So nice to talk with you last night. I am so excited about the inspirational flight! I made my payment today. Jim Aton and I want to join with Joy Stein, Randy Aton and Arlene Braithwaite whenever you decide it is a go! Many thanks for providing this wonderful experience. Carrie

    • I am honored to have you and this hand selected conclave of artists on board. The experience is a sensory overload and will require several artists to attempt to describe it. I will keep you posted on our flight.

  2. Today as we were driving around Quail Lake on our way to St. George, I looked up towards Zion as I always do. However, this time I knew we had actually floated across the ENTIRE Zion Park on Friday the 3rd of February! AWESOME! AWESOME! We feel blessed among people!
    Thank you H.M. Steiger!

    • It was my grand pleasure to transport you across such a sacred canyon. I am fulfilled by your sense of appreciation for this beautiful and rare place among Nature’s most inspiring monuments.

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